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 ~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~

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~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~ Empty
PostSubject: ~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~   ~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~ I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 1:26 pm

To all Players and Clans,

The tournament
will be finished soon! We had a great time together, this tournament was a
great thing for S.W.A.T.4, maybe u noticed that we created something with this

Clans from
VIP mod who even didn’t know each other before Tournament are now playing together
and having fun! So I thank every Clan and Player for participation we all did a
great Job!

I can tell now that this wasn’t the last thing I organized, I am
planning more things for the Future! So keep up looking here this page is like
a place to meet Players from other Clans away from Server! When I look at the shout
box I see that we gained something out of this Tournament! For the Future I am
planning something like Champions League for SWAT, more details coming soon…

I opened a
new Section at Forum, where u can give me your ideas for the Future here, and a
second Section where u can offer your help here. Every idea is welcome, let us
Work together and create something new!

More coming soon!


~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~ Vipergreaatag8
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~-~!Plans for the Future!~-~
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